Sports Hall of Fame 1989 – 90

Team Awards           Badminton York Region Overall Champions

                                 Football YRAA/GBSSA Sr. Boys' Champions

                                 Track and Field York Region/DYSSAA

                                          Overall Team Champions

                                Cross Country (Brad Duck, Dave Wolviec,

                                                 Bruce Norman, Andrew Norman)

                                           DYSSAA Jr. Boys'(Gold Medal)

                                                     (Bridget King, Sheila Barclay,

                                                      Teresa Duck, Diane Woodend,

                                                      Krista Duck, Becky Scott)

                                           DYSSAA Girls'(Gold Medal)

                              Alpine Skiing DYSSAA Boys' Team Champions

Individual Awards   Diane Wooden YRAA/OFSAA

                                       1500, 3000 M.(Gold Medal)

                                 Melanie Allen OFSAA Swimming

                                       400 M freestyle (silver medal)

                                 Luigi Trasolini OFSAA Pole Vault

                                        (Gold Medal)

                                 Ben Tyson OFSAA Pole Vault

                                         (Silver Medal)

 Senior Athletes of the Year

                   Female           K.C. Chambers

                   Male               Ed Aryanto