Anna Marzewski University Studies Memorial Prize " was awarded to a graduating student who achieved a distinguished academic record. In addition, this young person must have demonstrated wide interests in school and community activities."

Anna Marzewski Music Award "was awarded to a graduating student who showed exceptional aptitude in the field of music and planned to continue in the field after graduation"

Anna Marzewski Memorial Prizes

Awarded annually in memory of Anna Marzewski,
a former KCSS student killed in an accident in 1975



 University Studies

Year Music Award
unknown   1975 Brian MacTaggart
Rosemarie Cochrane          1976 Hans Kernan
Brenda Cooper & Mary Pyenburg 1977 Denise Buchanan
Richard Maser 1978 Carol Wilson
unknown   1979 Kathi Kernan
unknown   1980 Carolyn Lester
unknown   1981 Paul Kernen
unknown   1982 Kim Howard
Jill Caygill 1983 Sharon Besco
not presented   1984 Sandra Chiarotto
Kim Stanier 1985 Jennifer Charron
Caron Hyland 1986 Neil Cruickshank
Ingrid Mag & Gina Paris 1987 Todd Peterson
Kristi Kanitz and Melanie Paul 1988 Tom Duck
Kelly Sutton 1989 Karina McQueen
Heather Oram 1990 John Hopkinson
Heidi Katirai 1991 Stephanie Aldcroft
Melody Smith and Cameron Haddow 1992 Neil Puente
Petra Najafee and Krista Jackson 1993 Julie Brown
Kerrie Peplinskie and Ingrid Rijo 1994 Tami Bratuhin
Steven Pontisso 1995 Gregory Dickison
not presented   1996 Mark Faasen
Erin Wilbur 1997 discontinued  
Colleen Smith 1998  
Caroline Cutler 1999  
Alison Parisi 2000  
Katarina Gram 2001  
Koah Kalson-Ray 2002  
Tiziana Piccinni 2003  
discontinued   2004