KCCS / KCSS Graduation Exercises Programs
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The years have brought many changes to the school, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the Commencement  proceedings. What was once a November occasion for grads to  return to King in order to receive their diploma, and see old friends, is now an event which is held in June. This has meant that teachers must finalize their marks shortly after exams in order for them to be ready for graduation; however, a June graduation is certainly a cost-saving move for those students who may have travelled hundreds of miles in order to return.
There are many other significant changes: the Ontario Scholar  list has grown exponentially, students have access to far more bursaries and scholarships than ever before and the evening has been moved “off campus” in order to accommodate the large number of family and friends who attend.
Nevertheless, Commencement remains a pivotal moment in the lives of hundreds of KCSS grads every year. Please enjoy your stroll down memory lane.

                Also, if you are in possession of any Junior Commencement
                        programs, the alumni association would appreciate a
                        copy of them. We are in the process of trying to put together
                     an on-line collection of as many such programs as possible.
Please contact us if you do.