Case of Distinction


The Committee wishes to thank the following for their generous support of the Case of Distinction

The Baus Family

Tom and Diane Betty

Scott and Michelle Boynton

The Budweth Family

Paul Coulter

Tom and Barb Ellison

Mark Embury

Mark and Paul English

Frank Gerrits [The Royal Woodwork Shop]

The Hanlon Family

David Heaslip

Bob and Lynn Hunt

Bill Jenkins

Kristi Kanitz and John Woolsey [Flagship Software Inc.]

The Kanitz Family

The KCSS Ski Program

The KCSS Student Council

The King City Lions Club

King Fire and Emergency Services [Schomberg]

The King Men’s Hockey League

Tim Millard

Russell and Jane Oldfield

The Orr Family

[In Memory of] Aaron Peddle

Graham Scully

Leone Scully

Bert Tatum

Jane Underhill

Dr. Jim Winter

Dr. Rick Zabrodski