The following 26 pages contain, to the best of our knowledge, the names of every staff member who has taught at KCSS /KCSS over the years.

Many teachers have had a one year break in their careers for various reasons. These years we have chosen not to show. Only when someone was away from King for two or more years does the break show in their information. While it was also not possible to list all of the long-term occasional, or supply, teachers, Mr. Wilf Adams and Mrs. Joan Johnston are two such people who deserve mention.
Those staff members who graduated from King are in red print. Members of the original [1961-1962] staff are in blue font while those whom we know to be deceased are in bold font.
Female staff whose names changed due to marriage while at KCSS have both names listed.
We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us if you should find any mistakes or if you know the first name of those teachers for whom we could not provide one.

Staff with surnames beginning with the letter

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